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Indian Christmas: Team No Friends’ Trifecta of Fights

Tis the season to be jolly, tra lala la la... and all that beeswax. Bali MMA boys are back in town over the holidays, so happy Hanukkah, Christmas and winter solstice alike to thee and thine. Most notably on Santa week, the triple-headed pre-Christmas punch-on set for south India as BRAVE continue their ambitious push with a show featuring THREE of the boys from Bali.

Kiwi kickboxing sensation turned mixfight wig-blaster John ‘Trouble is’ Brewin is set for a seasonal meeting with a Moroccan scrapper in Hyderabad, India, as the knockout specialist secures a co-main event slot with BRAVE. On December 22, at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad, John is set to blast the wig off this shorter, less violent compatriot of Badr Hari on BRAVE’s twentieth show, while teammate Satya Berhudia enjoys a homecoming of his own in an all-Indian scrap. Oloan ‘The Man with the Plan’ is the third member of the Bali Mixed Martial Arts family to fight on this show, rounding off a trifecta of Christmas fisticuffs for the team, in the pearl of Central Asia.

Team No Friends’ trifecta of fisticuffs sees John elevated to co-main, Satya competing in front of his countrymen, and Oloan gets the opportunity to add prestige to the spate of scalps and victories claimed by Bali MMA’s Indonesian faction through an impressive calendar year. The trio will look to bring home the bac... the bagels (PETA, Big Up Yourself and your ever-vigilant linguistic policía) and strut their stuff on a BRAVE card packed from back-to-front with major malfunctions at the junctions, ring-a-ding-dong dandies and barnburners, booyakasha. With a wild and wicked ‘main-event’ and a greater co-main, all eyes turn to the rising force that is Bali MMA’s hungriest young head-kicker; undefeated in four and ready for war. Trouble is Brewin this Indian Christmas, t’be sure.

Three nil to #TeamNoFriends and back in time for the turkey. Fresh, cuzzy.


Canggu Fight Night Raises 45 Million For Lombok


A series of earthquakes shook the island of Lombok in late July and early August killing 500 people and causing damages of up to 5 trillion rupiah ( US337.84 million). The initial Mw 6.4 earthquake caused tremendous damage to public infrastructure along the island’s northern coast, and was followed by a more powerful Mw 6.9 earthquake a week later that destroyed tens of thousands of homes and displaced several hundred thousand people.

Charity Fight Night A Big Success

Bali MMA raised over 45,000,000 IDR at Canggu Fight Night over the weekend thanksto generous sponsors and attendees. The event saw 24 competitors put it all on the linein a variety of exciting Muay Thai, Boxing, and BJJ matches. Bintangs and hotdogs filledthe crowd’s hungry bellies, and the thrilling bouts were punctuated with drums and fireshows.Proceeds from the event will go to the Classroom Of Home and Magical LightFoundation and be used to achieve the following:

1. Provide food for the villages who have yet to receive adequate support from government agencies and NGOs. 

2. Build temporary shelters using plywood and tarpaulins to be used as schools so children can continue their education.

3.Build temporary tents to be used for prayers and religious studies.

4.Buy stationery not just for the temporary schools but also art materials for volunteer teachers from the university of Mataram to conduct art therapy classes to help Children that were traumatised by the series of earthquakes.

5.Purchase baby food and diapers and other medical supplies for children.

6.Build tools and raw materials to construct temporary homes to shelter them.

7.Help with purchasing mosquito nets and other resources needed to help combat therecent outbreak of Malaria.

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We’d like to thank our generous sponsors for making the event such a success. Fighters participating in the event received a host of prizes from sponsors, including massages from AMO spa, free monthly training at Empire Fit, a gift voucher for a fantastic Italian meal at Da Romeo, bottles of Smirnoff Vodka and Captain Morgan Rum, among others. We were also lucky enough to receive several generous cash donations from YOUC1000 and many more.  




Lupe Canggu

 Empire Fit Club Bali


KMO Paris 

Dorsey's Barber 

Spear Fight wear 

Smirnoff Vodka 

Da Romeo's 

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Although humanitarian efforts are underway, progress has been slow and the people of Lombok are still in dire need. The vast majority of buildings throughout the north of the island have collapsed and are uninhabitable, and access to clean medical supplies, drinking water and food is still extremely limited. A recent deadly outbreak of Malaria is ravaging an already displaced and desperate population. Local government officials are seeking 3.4 billion rupiah (US$230,000) to purchase mosquito nets, test kits and to help with the emergency response effort needed to battle the current health emergency.

If you would like to make a donation, get in touch with the Magical Light Foundation
today via their website 

Fight Night || By Olivia Leone Bali MMA 

Olivia Leone

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6 Reasons Why Bali Is Perfect For A Fitness Vacation.


Fitness vacations (or traincations) are seeing a surge of popularity at the moment. For fitness enthusiasts or those looking to shed a few pounds, a traincation is the perfect way to enjoy some time away without the guilt felt from over-indulging. A fitness holiday can be as tough or easy as you want it to be, and with the right elements in place, it can be quite a transformational experience!

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BJJ And Surf 


When Royce Gracie opened an academy in Arpoador, little did he know that it would be the catalyst for a new BJJ-Surf subculture. The relationship didn’t start out on a good note, however, as the local surfers were first introduced to jiu-jitsu when they became the victims of an altercation over surf etiquette. 

Olivia Leone

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Fighting Out Of Paradise.


Bali has been an iconic destination for over 40 years. With its slow way of life, stunning landscapes, pumping waves, lively gastronomic scene, and hospitable local inhabitants, it’s easy to see why the world flocks to this tropical playground. The Bali experience is a blissful one, though for many it lasts a meagre two weeks. Relocating here is a pipe dream for many, but for the slew of international athletes who live under the Bali MMA wing it’s just another day at the office. 

Olivia Leone 

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Four Big Ways Yoga Will Improve Your Martial Arts


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