No-Gi grappling is a modern branch of traditional Jiu-Jitsu without the kimono. It’s faster paced and better suited to those looking to compete in MMA. Our No-Gi classes begin with a warm up followed by various solo drills, technique demonstration, partner drills, and end with a few rounds of live sparring.


Our kids’ classes are suited to children aged between 7 to 14. We believe that all children should know how to defend themselves in the event of an altercation. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu also teaches children how to conduct themselves in a group setting, and instils confidence, discipline, teamwork skills, and the importance of respect.


Adding Strength & Conditioning to your martial arts regime will boost your athletic performance and prevent injury. Our program is led by a qualified coach who teaches a mixture of strength-based movements such as Olympic lifts and other functional exercises, as well as conditioning circuits that work your anaerobic system.


Our Yoga classes are predominantly Hatha-based. Hatha Yoga emphasizes postures and physical movements to strengthen, stretch, and stabilise the body, along with breathing and meditation. We also have Restorative Yoga classes which move at a far more gentle pace and are perfect for recovery.